1-To promote and protect the physical and mental health of sufferers of HIV and other chronic illnesses in Africa, the United Kingdom and worldwide through the provision of financial assistance, support, education and practical advice

2-To advance the education of the general public in all areas relating to HIV and other chronic illnesses.

The African Eye Trust is a UK community based organisation committed to empower the African community with accurate HIV information.

The Trust is the African people's eyes into the world of HIV treatment information and through its various projects provides accurate, easy to assimilate HIV treatment information and raises awareness about other heath issues related to HIV infection as such as Hepatitis, Mental health, TB .
The Main aim of TAET is to improve the quality of life, and to decrease the mortality and morbidity among the African community living with HIV.

The main target population is the African community in the UK living with HIV or affected by the disease
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Latest News

I'm Worth… campaign

I’m Worth… campaign as we enter this new and exciting phase, I’m Worth… campaign launch reminds people with hepatitis C that they are worth and entitled to the best care, Together with your support we hope we can empower people, helping them understand that it doesn’t matter how they may have gotten hepatitis C; no one deserves to live with a potentially life threatening disease; everyone is worth the chance of becoming hepatitis C free.
The website is now live at :

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