The African Community Clinical Trials education Project

The African Eye Trust started the African Community Clinical Trials education Project in 2008.

This project main aim is to educate African people in the UK living with HIV on the issues related to clinical trials and encourage them to participate in the PI Monotherapy trial run by the MRC.

 What do we do?
• We Organise and deliver workshops in all geographically distributed areas of  UK where trials are taking place.
• we disseminated information about the trials mainly the PIVOT trial and  orther trials
• Mentor  people living with HIV  on the PIVOT trial to finish the trial  when we find  found  out through our UK  african community networks .
• One to One support to Africans intending to go on the trial   after  the  talk  on  the  trial  participants  asked if  they  were  eligible to  join  the  trial  .


We  have interacted with a number of africans on  PIVOT trial ,it was  well recived  by the african community  from day one ,many patients  were content to join the  PIVOT trial,  taking one therapy  bosted with Novir was  very new at the time .  many paients  say this  trial  has come to save us  taking one  type is  a good thing at the start we were  taking more that 8 tablets of different types ,so taking one type as a treatment  is a major  achivement  lets us hope we shall continues to stay on one drug.
Comments from African patients we have interacted with;
1-We  have less side effects  now that we are taking one drug
2- Good development if all go well
3- even felow african in  resource limited countries will suvive this combination is cheap for them.
4- I cant miss my dose it is only one drug easy to take so adherence will be easy

For more infomation please do click on the link below: about_clinical_trials.aspx

Latest News

I'm Worth… campaign

I’m Worth… campaign as we enter this new and exciting phase, I’m Worth… campaign launch reminds people with hepatitis C that they are worth and entitled to the best care, Together with your support we hope we can empower people, helping them understand that it doesn’t matter how they may have gotten hepatitis C; no one deserves to live with a potentially life threatening disease; everyone is worth the chance of becoming hepatitis C free.
The website is now live at :

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