The Pan-London African Mass Media Programme


The Pan-London African Mass Media Programme is a London wide initiative that uses the mass media as an effective tool for promoting knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS, and for encouraging more people from the African communities to access HIV test and pos-test services.  This is a 4 years project targeting African men, women and young people who live, work or study in London.

The African Eye Trust ,

Terrence Higgins Trust ,

Addington afro Ethnic Health Promotion Group and

Neovernator Community Organisation

The NHS commissioned  the Four organisations to deliver the Pan-London African communities HIV Prevention Programme 

For more information  click on the link below sexualhealth/hiv/

Latest News

I'm Worth… campaign

I’m Worth… campaign as we enter this new and exciting phase, I’m Worth… campaign launch reminds people with hepatitis C that they are worth and entitled to the best care, Together with your support we hope we can empower people, helping them understand that it doesn’t matter how they may have gotten hepatitis C; no one deserves to live with a potentially life threatening disease; everyone is worth the chance of becoming hepatitis C free.
The website is now live at :

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